Breads made with Alcohol

Bread recipes made with beer, wine, and spirits

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Adirondack Pine Focaccia

If you want to celebrate Adirondack cuisine, pickings are lean. You’ve got peppermint pigs and maybe maple syrup. May I introduce a new possibility? Adirondack Pine Focaccia – made with Adirondack IPA and white pine needles.

Bacon Whiskey Bread

A grilled cheese competition? Heck yeah. My team won with Gouda Grilled Cheese on Homemade Bacon Whiskey Bread w/ Arugula, Sliced Avocado, and a Light Maple Mustard Spread. Just saying…

Betsy’s Stollen

Mom made this Stollen every Christmas and the thought of it brings back a torrent of wonderful memories. It looks like it may be heavy or hard, but actually it is light and sweet with chewy bits and icing drizzle and all sorts of magical goodness.

Boston Brown Bread w/ Rum-soaked Currants

My first vegan bread recipe posting! After soaking the currants, if you let a bit of rum accidentally fall into the batch (and accidentally drink the rest), you’ll agree that the rum adds a nice touch.

Red Wine Sourdough

The taste of sourdough, red wine, and a dash of pepper: a stately, robust loaf with a thick crust and a smooth aromatic crumb. Look at me sounding all fancy pants.

Savory Portobello Bread

Getting some snow tomorrow. This Savory Portobello Bread – with portobello mushroom, green onions, garlic, and capers – is a nice send-off to fall and a hearty, savory welcome to winter.

Stump City Red Braid

A whole wheat egg braid made with Stump City Brewing Red Ale and red winter wheat berries. Made in celebration of Stump City Brewing in Gloversville, New York.

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rum Rolls

A strange tale featuring mythological friends, a newly appointed court jester, Fleischmann’s yeast, and a persnickety old gas range…