Breads made with Ancient Grains

Bread recipes made with ancient grains (both whole and as flour)

amaranth, chia, farro, freekeh, kamut, millet, quinoa, sorghum, spelt, teff

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Basil Havarti Bread

A gentle savory bread with Havarti cheese, fresh basil, and chia seeds. I also threw in some Greek yogurt and quinoa flour because I have hipster leanings.

Blue Cheese Pear Bread

Was thinking about sliced pears and blue cheese on whole wheat crackers the other day. And then I stopped because I was thinking about pears and blue cheese in a yummy bread recipe!

Buttermilk Black Bean Bread

When some of my remote co-workers came to town recently, I brought in some Buttermilk Black Bean Bread to share. A fine group of people…

Chia Farro Seed & Grain Bread

This bread is loosely based on my Mom’s Full-Grain Bread from “The Bread Book.” I used a bunch of ‘spare parts’ ingredients laying around including chia seeds, whole grain farro, and millet flour.

Crispy Speckled Breadsticks

Based on my Mom’s Millet Breadsticks… you can serve these breadsticks as an hors d’oeuvre, with or without a dip, to accompany soups, or as a substitute for dinner rolls. My 12 year-old says they’re awesome dipped in milk.

Mark’s Sadhappy Bread

Today, I have reason to be very sad and I have reason to be very happy. What bread should a sad happy baker make? Why, how about a little bit of Sadhappy Bread.

Millet Molasses Bread

This bread is fine-textured and somewhat bitter. I recommend serving it thinly sliced, toasted and topped with brie and apple.

Motley Multi-Seed & Grain Bread

A variation of my Chia Farro Seed & Grain Bread which is a variation on Mom’s Full-Grain Bread which is a variation on the “Poulsbo Bread” from a bakery in Poulsbo, Washington.

Opa’s Energy Bars

Okay, so I realize that this is not a bread recipe – and that I have published it on a bread blog. Please take your concerns up with the proper authorities…

Pepper Mango Masala Bread

My wife went out of town recently and left some beautiful little sweet peppers on the counter. They were getting just a titch wrinkly and so naturally I thought, “I should make bread with those.”

Rolled Oat Pillow Rolls

“They have a pleasing mouth feel.” Real quote from my sister-in-law Colleen. She’s a horticulturist. She knows her oats.

Savory Portobello Bread

Getting some snow tomorrow. This Savory Portobello Bread – with portobello mushroom, green onions, garlic, and capers – is a nice send-off to fall and a hearty, savory welcome to winter.

Seeded Coffee Braid

Here, I’ve prepared a tweet for you: “Wonderful egg braid w/ #coffee flour, super seeds & ancient grains #quinoa #millet #buckwheat #hemp #amaranth #chia #flax @bluebowlbreads”. You are welcome.

Sesame Semolina Flatbread

Becca and I love to go to 15 Church, a restaurant here in Saratoga Springs. The other day, they served a semolina crisp with sesame, caraway, and poppy seeds… ooh yummy!

Stealthy Healthy Bread

I’ve been hoping that my 12 year old would try one of my recent multigrain recipes, but that seems a distant dream at this point. Like many kids, if the bread isn’t white, he isn’t interested…

Sun-dried Tomato & Onion Bread

A savory loaf engineered to make the best tasting toast you’ll ever have. To make it look fancy and add a tiny bit of flavor, I sprinkled the top of the loaf with Parmesan cheese.

Za’atar Bread

Za’atar is a condiment made from a combination of dried herbs such as ground dried thyme, oregano, and marjoram mixed with toasted sesame seeds, salt, and other spices such as sumac. A complex and savory loaf. Much like the baker himself.