Breads made with Fruit & Drupes*

Bread recipes with fruit, dried fruit, drupes, and zest

apple, apricots, blueberries, coconut (oil), coffee, cranberries, currants, dates, figs, lemons, mangoes, oranges, pistachios, raisins, olives…

Anise Agave Bread

This recipe is inspired by an anise bread served by the restaurant proprietor at the Hotel Maela in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is loosely based on my Mom’s “Anise Orange Nut Rye Bread”.

Autumn Apple Walnut Bread (extended edition)

Not just a delicious Autumn Apple Walnut Bread recipe… it’s a mini-treatise on making bread from scratch. A diary of a mad baker. A travelogue of culinary exploration. Oh, yes.

Betsy’s Stollen

Mom made this Stollen every Christmas and the thought of it brings back a torrent of wonderful memories. It looks like it may be heavy or hard, but actually it is light and sweet with chewy bits and icing drizzle and all sorts of magical goodness.

Black Rice Olive Bread

Black Rice Olive Bread contains ground black rice, semolina, and olives – similar to my Mom’s Semolina Olive Bread, but not based on it. Makes great egg sandwiches…

Blue Cheese Pear Bread

Was thinking about sliced pears and blue cheese on whole wheat crackers the other day. And then I stopped because I was thinking about pears and blue cheese in a yummy bread recipe!

Blueberry Buckwheat Muffins

These aren’t your ordinary blueberry muffins… they pack a full flavor and a light but hearty texture. The combination of orange juice, cinnamon, and blueberry work together nicely to create a bite that is zesty but not too sweet.

Boston Brown Bread w/ Rum-soaked Currants

My first vegan bread recipe posting! After soaking the currants, if you let a bit of rum accidentally fall into the batch (and accidentally drink the rest), you’ll agree that the rum adds a nice touch.

Buttermilk Müesli Bread

The zing of lemon rind in this hearty recipe complements the subtle tartness of the buttermilk and the nutty taste of the müesli.

Chewy Fruit & Müesli Bread

There are many ways to rate food – but the amount of time it takes a teenager to devour a loaf fresh from the oven is still my best measure of success.

Chipotle Fig Baguettes

When the world is upside down, do something that brings you joy… like baking these Chipotle Fig Baguettes (the sweetness of figs and honey combined with the smoky bite of dried chipotle pepper is awesome!).

Death Wish Black Bread

This recipe is a variation of my Mom’s Black Peasant Bread from the The Bread Book. It doesn’t look black… unless you close your eyes. This recipe calls for Death Wish Coffee®, my favorite cup o’ joe.

Fougasse (la pompe à l’huile)

For Sawyer’s French class holiday party, he wanted to bring in some bread. Since he brought in baguettes for the last party, he wanted to choose something different: a fougasse that is sweet to the tongue and interesting to the eye.

Honey Curry Bread

Curry, onion, apple, and raisins – a playful loaf that comes out of the oven with a light texture and hint of sweetness.

Mandarin Orange Wreath Bread

A variation on my Mom’s Orange Wreath with Orange Butter recipe (from The Bread Book). This wreath is impressive to look at and delightful to eat – you’ll get oohs and aahs, as well as mmms…

Mark’s Sadhappy Bread

Today, I have reason to be very sad and I have reason to be very happy. What bread should a sad happy baker make? Why, how about a little bit of Sadhappy Bread.

Opa’s Energy Bars

Okay, so I realize that this is not a bread recipe – and that I have published it on a bread blog. Please take your concerns up with the proper authorities…

Pepper Mango Masala Bread

My wife went out of town recently and left some beautiful little sweet peppers on the counter. They were getting just a titch wrinkly and so naturally I thought, “I should make bread with those.”

Seeded Coffee Braid

Here, I’ve prepared a tweet for you: “Wonderful egg braid w/ #coffee flour, super seeds & ancient grains #quinoa #millet #buckwheat #hemp #amaranth #chia #flax @bluebowlbreads”. You are welcome.

Sweet Cranberry Cashew Bread

I wish I could take a picture of the smell of bread. The lemon zest and orange juice give this Sweet Cranberry Cashew Bread a delightful zing. Hoowee, is it tasty.

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rum Rolls

A strange tale featuring mythological friends, a newly appointed court jester, Fleischmann’s yeast, and a persnickety old gas range…

Whole Wheat Honey Lemon Rolls

Five pre-teen boys at the house for an overnight birthday party? No worries. These rolls will earn rave reviews guaranteed.

* What the hell is a drupe?