Plain Breads

Bread recipes without all the fancy pants stuff.


Bagels with Rabbi Jonathan

What a treat! I got to spend two days in the kitchen with Rabbi Jonathan of Temple Sinai making bagels. He’s a class act and a great teacher…


Two years ago, my son Tynan had his bar mitzvah. As part of that celebration, Rabbi Jonathan of Temple Sinai in Saratoga Springs invited us into the kitchen of the Temple to bake challah for the occasion…

Crusty Sourdough Bread

A big hit with the family. I enjoy seeing folks gather in the kitchen as the bread is baking, asking, “When is the bread going to be ready?” Love it!

Mark’s Sadhappy Bread

Today, I have reason to be very sad and I have reason to be very happy. What bread should a sad happy baker make? Why, how about a little bit of Sadhappy Bread.

Rolled Oat Pillow Rolls

“They have a pleasing mouth feel.” Real quote from my sister-in-law Colleen. She’s a horticulturist. She knows her oats.

Salzstangen Nibblers

Bite-sized Salzstangen Nibblers just in time for Superbowl Sunday. Salt em, dip em, crisp em… any way you like.

Stealthy Healthy Bread

I’ve been hoping that my 12 year old would try one of my recent multigrain recipes, but that seems a distant dream at this point. Like many kids, if the bread isn’t white, he isn’t interested…

Stump City Red Braid

A whole wheat egg braid made with Stump City Brewing Red Ale and red winter wheat berries. Made in celebration of Stump City Brewing in Gloversville, New York.