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cover-ibooks-breads-from-betsys-kitchenDo you want that satisfying, tantalizing, almost sensual experience of making a scrumptious loaf of bread yourself? Are you a seasoned bread baker looking for new interesting ideas and zingy exceptional bread recipes? Are you a novice afraid to bake bread because the process is unfamiliar? Betsy Oppenneer, nationally renowned bread-baking instructor, travels all over America sharing her love of baking and cooking. With a healthy serving of information about utensils, ingredients, and techniques, Betsy’s new book, Breads from Betsy’s Kitchen will interest all bread bakers. In her informative and easy-to-read style, Betsy takes you through the fundamental steps of bread baking – from prepping ingredients to serving and storing finished loaves – all mixed with a generous measure of humor throughout.

This is not “just another bread book.” Betsy shares new techniques that Grandma never knew. Did you know that using an instant-read thermometer will not only tell you how warm your ingredients are, but is also a sure-fire way to tell when your bread is done? Did you know that once bread has risen, it doesn’t absorb flour the same way it did before rising? Never turn risen dough out onto a floured work surface. A light coating of oil is much better because the dough won’t stick to the surface and glides smoothly when you roll it out. Bread baking is on the rise! More people, especially men, are going into the kitchen to bake their own bread. Some have bought bread machines and want to learn more about using them. However, the largest group has gotten flour in their veins, likes the feel of the dough, and wants the satisfaction of transforming a rough mass of ingredients into delicious, fragrant, full-flavored bread.

Betsy Oppenneer is the perfect person to help. She is the author of Betsy’s Breads (The Breadworks, Inc.) and The Bread Book (HarperCollins) and producer of two videos Perfect Bread: How to Conquer Bread Baking and Perfect Bread: Fun with Creative Shapes. Because of her national following, Betsy is often called the “Pied Piper of Bread Bakers.”

Betsy makes bread baking seem effortless. Breads from Betsy’s Kitchen is treasure of exceptional recipes such as Buttermilk Orange Wheat Bread, Carrot Ginger Bread, Maple Cornmeal Rolls, Potato Focaccia, and German Butterkuchen. She will have all bread bakers, both pro and novice, turning out wholesome homemade yeast breads with ease. The “Bits & Pieces” boxes throughout the book are filled with history, tips, techniques, and trivia to add to the reader’s enjoyment. Betsy realizes that bread baking is very personal and says “I want people to get as much enjoyment baking bread as I do. When you eat good bread, it goes into your stomach and hugs you from the inside out!”