Bake America Great Again

My wife and I have been active in local politics since the presidential election in 2016. After the election, we just felt that we needed to do our part to engage the democratic process – and decided that volunteering at the town and county level political committees was the best way to flex our civic muscles.

I mention this because today I am proud to announce a new way I have decided to change the way we do things in this country. I have officially launched a “Bake America Great Again” campaign on the interwebs.

You may think I’m goofing around here, but let me tell you I mean business. Small business, that is. That’s right, I’ve opened a virtual storefront to sell “Bake America Great Again” wares. Help me get out the message by buying aprons, potholders, t-shirts, totes, and mugs with the “Bake America Great Again” slogan.

Let’s get folks into their kitchens, baking awesome tasting homemade bread and sharing it with friends and family. Think about that: people happily eating quality bread, their mouths so full they won’t be able to talk politics. I think you’d find that we’d all get along quite nicely that way. Now that would make this country truly great.

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